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PRO Direct checkout, Add to cart redirect, Quick purchase button, Buy now button, Quick View button for WooCommerce


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Buy now button

Introducing the “Buy Now” Button for WooCommerce, an exceptional feature that enhances your customer’s shopping experience. With this powerful addition to your website, users can now enjoy a seamless checkout process, similar to the convenience offered by leading e-commerce platforms like

The “Buy Now” Button empowers your customers to make quick and hassle-free purchases of individual products without affecting the contents of their shopping cart. It provides a direct pathway to instant gratification, allowing users to immediately secure their desired item without navigating through multiple steps.

This feature caters to the needs of impulsive shoppers who prefer to swiftly complete their transactions. By offering a dedicated “Buy Now” Button, you not only streamline the purchasing process but also significantly reduce the chances of cart abandonment. It eliminates the need for customers to review their cart or make additional adjustments, saving them time and effort.

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  • Add a custom buy now redirect URL for a specific product
  • Disable the buy not button for a specific product
  • You can set a custom buy now button text for each product

Redirect after Add to cart

With our “Add to Cart Redirect” feature, take control of your customer’s shopping journey. Redirect them to any page on your website or external sites when they add a product to their cart. Customize the post-add-to-cart experience, driving traffic to landing pages, related products, or special offers. Maximize conversions and engagement with this powerful and flexible feature.

  • Redirect to external URL
  • Option to add custom redirect URL for each product
  • You can even have different redirect URLs for each variation of a variable product
  • Option of not to add the product to the cart, if it’s been redirecting to an external website
  • Option to change Add to Cart button text for each product
  • Disable add-to-cart redirect on specific product

Single page checkout

Experience the ultimate convenience with our “Single Page Checkout” feature for WooCommerce. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating away from the checkout page – now, customers can effortlessly modify product quantities or remove items directly on the checkout page itself. Streamline the purchasing process and boost customer satisfaction with this feature.

  • Option to remove order comment field from the checkout page
  • Remove some of the default fields from the checkout form
  • Force the user to be login to reach the checkout page
  • Set custom thank your page
  • You can have a different thank you page for each product, so when product X is purchased you show page AX, and when product B is purchased page BX is shown

HPOS compatible

This plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce HPOS (High-Performance Order Storage)

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