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Delivery pickup reminder email Woocommerce PRO (Addon plugin)


This is an addon plugin for our order delivery date and time plugin, it automatically sends a reminder email to your customer regarding upcoming delivery or pickup for there order, you can configure in the plugin how much time before a reminder email should be sent. E.g.: if the user places a pickup order for 25th April 2020 3:00 PM
and you have set the reminder time to be 30 min
then the customer will receive and a reminder email on 25th April 2020 2:30 PM Sending of the email are handled by the WordPress Cron, so there can be a delay in sending of email if your website does not have any visitor on that time so we recommend setting up a system Cron job in your hosting, so Cron can be run even when you don’t have any traffic on the site

  • Set different email subject based on the Delivery or pickup order
  • Set different email header based on the Delivery or pickup order
  • Set different email message based on the Delivery or pickup order
  • Include ordered product detail in the email
  • Include customer address detail in the email
  • Specify the order type (pickup/Deivery/Both) for which the reminder email will be send
  • There is option to prevent sending of the reminder email if the order placement time and pickup/delivery time are too close to each other
  • Receive daily order list in the form of CSV in your email

Send a reminder email to admin or the site or to your other employees to remind them about the order

  • Set admin email id to whom the reminder email will be sent, you can add multiple email id
  • You can set different subject/header/message for the admin reminder email
  • set different trigger time for the admin reminder email

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