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Documentation for Live Sales Notifications for WooCommerce plugin

Basic settings

Enable sales notification

Using this you can disable the notification even when the plugin is still active. When you will install the plugin by default this will be turned on

Enable sales notification on mobile

As the name suggests using this you can disable the notification on the mobile devices at present we have set the mobile device width as 968px

Timing of popup

Loop through

Say if you are having 5 sales order to show, and you have shown those once then either they should repeat or no popup should be shown any more.

This thing is controlled using this option, and by default this is set to loop through

When to start showing popup (milliseconds)

Sets the timing when the first popup should appear after the page is loaded. This is set in milliseconds

How long to keep the popup opened (milliseconds)

How long the popup should be kept open, set this so user has ample time to red the content of the popup

Time gap between showing of 2 popups (milliseconds)

Time gap between the 2 popups, so that one popup closes and other one don’t come up instantly, instead of that it shown up after some time

Don’t show out of stock product in popup (PRO)

If you don’t want to show out of stock product in popup message then you can disable it from this. By default, out of stock products are not shown in the popup. This feature is only available in the pro version of the plugin


Popup position

As the name suggest it allows you to set popup position in the browser. At support 4 positions

  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
  • Top Left
  • Top Right

Image position

This sets the position of the image inside the popup, at present there are 2 positions you can set

  • Left of the popup
  • Right of the popup
  • By default it is on left

Background color

Set the background color of the popup

Popup width

This sets the popup width in % to the width of the browser width

Popup image width

This sets the image with in % of the width of the popup

Border radius

This sets the border radius of the popup box, this is in pixels

Spacing around image

This sets the spacing around the image, in terms of the pixels. It is like padding around the image

Link image to product page 

You can make the image link to the product page or keep it plain

Open product link in new tab

Open product link in new tab or open them in the same tab

Animation (PRO)

This option is only available in the pro version only, in the free version you will have FadeIn and FadeOut animation only.

In pro version you will get more animation option that you can use for the Popup opening and popup closing animation. you can have different animation for both opening and closing of the popup box.

Show close button

using this you can give user an option to close the popup, or you can disable this option

Image used as close button

You can set the close button image, so u can have custom close button image

Message Text

Sales message format

This is the format how the sales message should look like, you can format this in your own wordings. We have given some codes that will provide specific information regarding the sales

Code available are like this:

  • {first_name} : This will be the first name of the person who purchased the product
  • {product} : This is the name of the product been purchased
  • {product_link}: if you want the product title to be linked to product page then use this instead of the {product}
  • {time}: Timing of the product purchase.
  • {date}: Date of purchase
  • {country}, {state}, {city}: this are the information added by the user at checkout

Date format for {date} (PRO)

This is available in the pro version only, this allows you to control the date format, We have given many date format to chose from

Time format for {time} (PRO)

You can set time format for the sales time

Text colors

This allows you to control the text color of each of the above short {date}, {time} etc.

using this you can set different text color for each one of them

Font size / Font weight

This are same as Text color, they allow you to set font size and font weight for each short code separately.

Translate (PRO)

This is only available in the pro version. You can translate message that you set in the Message tab.

If you have the multi-language site, but you have not set the translation for some language in your site, then the message that you set in the Message tab will be used.

Product selection

Select product from 

This allows you to select product for the popup and show it as sales.

Normally this should have only one option that is to get product from the orders places on your site. But if you don’t have orders on regular basis then you can use other option to show virtual sales for you. This will increase your conversion rate.

At present we have 3 product selection options:

Order Placed: This is the only one that will show the original purchased product from your site in the popup, Remaining other option will create virtual (or Fake) sales popup message.

In this you have option to set the Order status Say you want even the pending orders to be shown as sales or, you only want to show the completed orders as sales that can be done from this.

Recently Viewed products: This will show the virtual sales order

This will select the product from the visitors recently viewed product history. and It will create virtual order from that.

To make the virtual order you need to provide the list of virtual names and virtual address

Show selected products: You can select product your self and then using this product a virtual order will be created and shown in the popup.

Select product from Categories: You can select categories and the product from those categories will be used to generate virtual orders

Virtual name: You can enter multiple names with each name on one line, plugin will select one name randomly to create order. This is your {first_name}

Virtual location: You can set {city}, {state}, {country} from this. you have to enter one location on one line, and each city, state, country separated with coma.  The sequence is important first city, then state and then country.

E.g: New York City, New York, U.S

How much old order should be shown

You can set this timing as Weeks, Days, or Hours

When you are showing original orders (that is Select product: Order placed) then this timing will be used to extract older orders.

Say you have set the values to 1 Day, the popup will show orders placed in last one day.

If you are showing virtual orders then it will create virtual time that will be any random time in last 1 day

Control (PRO)

You can control where to show the popup, By default, it is set to show the popup throughout the site. But you can change that using this, you can make it show on product pages or say Cart page only

Showing fake sales notification

You can run plugin to show fake sales notification by this three option, Go to product selection tab of the plugin and there you can select from 3 option to show fale sales

  • Recently viewed products: this will the customer recently viewed product in popup
  • Show selected products: You can select the product that will be used in fake sales notification
  • Show product from selected category: You can select categories from which the product will be taken to show the fake sales popup