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Faq For WooCommerce Product Enquiry Quotation

How to install the pro version

  • Getting the pro version ZIP file: You can download the pro version from the download link given in the order confirmation email or from your account (your account was created when you purchased the plugin and password was emailed to you). If you did not receive order confirmation email or Password email please check your SPAM folder and if it is not there then email us on
  • Deactivate the free version: If you were using the Free version of this plugin then deactivate it before installing the PRO Version
  • Installing plugin from.Zip file: watch this video it explains to you how to install a WordPress plugin from a zip file

Which are the shortcodes available in the plugin?

[pisol_enquiry_cart] You will not have to deal with this as the plugin auto adds this shortcode on the inquiry cart page for you when you install the plugin for the first time


[enquiry_cart_icon] This is responsible for showing a small cart icon, you don’t have to use this until you want to place the icon at some custom location, as the plugin gives you the option to add the icon automatically on the bottom right of the page


[pi_enquiry_button id=”product id”] This allows you to add the enquiry button on custom places on your product page. If you are putting this on the product page then you can leave out the id and only have [pi_enquiry_button]. but if you are inserting this on non product page then you need to product the product id. Shortcode button for the varaible product will not work on the non product page as there variation cant be seelcted

Show enquiry button to the user of a specific role

  • Ther is an option in the plugin to hide the Enquiry button for user based on there role
  • If you leave this option blank it will be visible to all the user irrespective of there role

Disable/Enable inquiry button on the product page or archive page

Go to Inquiry Button tab in the plugin setting

enable/disable enqury on category/shop page
You can enable/disable it for the prodcut page as well

Diable inquiry for a specific product

Go to the product edit page of that product (by default enquiry is enabled for all product)

Check “Disable Enquiry” and enquiry will be removed for that product

Disable/enable enquiry for some specific category of product

By default enquiry is enable for all the categories in the site, to disable it for some category go to the category edit page of that cateogry

Diable enquiry for “Cloting” category

The inquiry is still showing for a product even though it is disabled from category level

If a product belong to more then one category then this kind of conflict can arise, say product A belongs to category B and C then and you have enabled the inquiry for Category B and disabled the inquiry for Category C in such case the category of the top will take the lead and its setting will take effect on the product

Remove add to cart button

For all the product

Hide add to cart button for all the prduct in the site

If the enquiry is enabled for that product

Hide add to cart button if enquiry is enabled for that product

Hiding product price

For product where enquiry is enabled

Hide price only if enquiry button is enabled for that product

For all the user

Hide for every one and on all product

For non loged in user

Dont show price untill user is loged in

Add to enquiry not working for variable product?

Make sure you have not installed any other plugin to hide the “Add to Cart” button on the product page. If you have installed any other plugin to hide Add to cart button then remove that plugin and it will start working (you can hide add to cart button using this plugin only so dont install any other plugin to hide Add to cart button)

If problem persist you can contact us at

My Enquiry link in customer account is not working.

Go to WordPress > Settings > Permalink and Save it (without making any changes). that will make the link working

Country dropdwon in the enquiry form

From v1.7.16 country dropdown field was added. If you are on old version of the plugin then you need to upgrade to v1.7.16 and then Go to Form Maker and click Reset Form Field button then Country field will be available to you

The list of country shown in the form field are controlled by the WooCommerce configuration of Selling location(s)

WooCommerce > Settings > General in there you have the option to specify the Selling location(s) all your selling location country will be shown in the country dropdown

No form field show in Form manager

If you are not seeing any form field in your enquiry form and also not seeing any form field in the Form maker, then click on the Reset Form Field button on the Form maker page that will fix the issue

Change sender email id in the enquiry email

We have given the option within the plugin setting to change the enquiry email sender email id and sender name

You can change it from the Email Tab.

Make sure the From email id that you add should have the same domain name as your website E.g. if your website is then select a From email id as ****