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PRO Fake sales notification, Live sales notification, Recent sales popup for WooCommerce


Get updates for: 3 Year
Get updates for: 2 Year
Get updates for: 1 Year
  • It allows you to translate the message text, we have our own translation system in place, so this will work with any translation plugin used by you like WPML or Polylang
  • You can disable out of stock product from showing in popup
  • You can choose from many animation options for showing and hiding the popup
  • Set different date and time format for the shortcode {date} and {time}
  • You can show popup throughout the site, or you can control the popup page from these conditions, front page, product page, cart page, checkout page, shop page, product category page
  • Premium support: We respond to all support topics within 24 hours
  • give sound alert to visiter whenever sales notification is shown
  • Set different width for the image part for the mobile devices
  • You can set a background image for the popup from the setting
  • Option to change the mobile breakpoint
  • Privacy protection Give Option to the customer to exclude their info from the live feed
  • Dismiss popup option to the user
  • Stock remaining detail to urge the buyer to buy now, E.g: Only 2 Left
  • Show how long back the order was placed, E.g: 1 day ago
  • Pro version supports Polylang
  • Add a sense of randomness to your sales popup


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1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year

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