Woocommerce estimated delivery date per product

Shipping date setup

After installing the plugin, go to the WooCommerce > Shipping

In there go inside each shipping zones that you have, and inside them open, each of the shipping classes and insert Minimum and Maximum delivery time for that particular shipping class,

if your shipping provider doesn’t provide Maximum days then you can leave the maximum days field as blank and enter the days in Minimum field only.

Shipping Zone
Shipping Class

Product preparation time: (PRO)

You can set product preparation days (Time: means the number of days, if your product takes 12 hr to make you have to enter 1 day ) for the individual product (in product edit form in each product)

This product preparation time is added in the shipping time given by your shipping company to give an estimated time

If you have large number of product this can be time consuming, so we have Quick edit option for this “Product preparation time” field

If you have large number of products and you want to update the product preparation time using CSV import then you can do that using the WooCommerce built in Import/Export feature

Just follow the instruction given in here

and the Custom field name that stores the product preparation time is “product_preparation_time

Product preparation days for single product

Preparation days for variable product (pro)

You can set a different preparation days for each of the variations in a variable product

Or you can set one preparation days for all the variation in a product

If you are setting a preparation days on each variation then it wont show the estimate time in the product loop page, it will only show the time once user comes to product page and select some variation

For Variable Product
Quick edit option of Product preparation days

Default shipping zone:

You have to insert minimum and maximum delivery days for each of the shipping class.

You have to select one shipping zone as default shipping zone in your plugin setting. without this we cant decide the shipping zone of the customer and cant show estimate.

So when you select one shipping zone as default we do the calculation based on that shipping zone till the time customer select his own shipping zone

This default shipping zone is selected from the option Default shipping zone inside the Basic setting tab

Show the best/worst estimate delivery time

Using this you can either show minimum time that will be taken to deliver or maximum time that will be taken for delivery.

Shipping zone not selected: when the customer has not selected shipping zone then it will extract all the shipping class from the default shipping zone that you selected in the above setting.

If you have selected minimum estimate, then it will take out the minimum number from the shipping class and use the smallest to calculate the shipping date

Shipping zone is selected: If shipping zone is selected by the customer, then it will extract the minimum and maximum days from that particular shipping class and show either minimum or the maximum one based on your selection

Date format:

Free version only support one date format that is Year/month/date

PRO version offers around 9 different date formats

A range of delivery date:

This Shows a range of delivery date, with Best and Worst estimate.

E.G: Estimated delivery between March 21 – March 26

Insert the estimated date in order detail:

This only available in PRO version 3.0.3 and above, once you enable this option all the product estimate will be included in the order details and order email. By default this option is disabled.

Select days of the week when your shipping is closed:

Say your shipping company gives you shipping estimate as 7 Working days, Now they say they don’t work on Sundays, so our plugin gives you option to select Sunday, so it wont be counted in calculating the estimated date. You can select other days as well, say your company don’t work on Friday then you can select that as well.

Last shipping time of the day: (PRO)

Say, you ship product every day and your last shipping time is 2 PM after that, you don’t ship product, you ship them next date. So using this option you can set that time say your set it 2 PM, So when user comes to your site before 2 PM they will see the estimate date as counted from today (as you can ship the product today). And when user comes to site after 2 PM they will see the estimate counted from Tomorrow ( as you cant ship product today as last shipping time is gone past that was 2 PM).

If you leave this blank then it will count the estimate time from tomorrow

Advanced setting

Single product page setting

This portion controls the visibility of the estimate on the single product page and the text message that will be shown with the estimate.S

Show estimate on single product page

This is self-explanatory, it allows you to show or hide the estimate on the single product page.

Show estimate as days instead of the exact date (PRO)

Using this you can show estimate as days count instead of showing exact date. Suppose today is 22nd April and your estimated delivery date comes as 26th April

When this option is enabled it will show like this

Estimated delivery as days count {days} days

Estimated delivery as days count for minimum days {min_days} days

Estimated delivery as days count for maximum days {max_days} days

Estimated delivery by {date} days

For this your message you will get like this

E.g: Estimated delivery by 4 days

If this option is disabled it will show

Estimated delivery by {date}

For this your message format you will get like this

E.g : Estimated delivery by 24 April

Same goes for the range {min_date} and {max_date} will be replaced by there days count

Showing days count
Showing Date

Estimated date, Wording on product page

For Free version & PRO version till 1.0.1: This allows you to change the text of the message shown along with the estimate, but it appends the date at the end of the message

E.g: Estimated delivery date is 2019/03/23

You can change the left side text that is “Estimated delivery date is”. but you cant have date in between the text

Pro Version: Pro version allows you to have the text in the middle part of the text as well. Pro version has a syntax {date} this {date} will be replaced with the estimated date on the front end

E.g: Estimated delivery date is {date}, So buy now.

On the website, it will be shown as “Estimated delivery date is March 27, So buy now. “

Estimated date, Wording on product page, for date range

This is similar to the Estimated date, Wording on the product page, the only difference is this is used to sow the range of best and worst estimate date.

FREE version & pro till 1.0.1: It allows you to change the left side text only

E.g: Estimated delivery between 2019/03/02 – 2019/03/20

PRO version: It allows you to change the complete text along with the position of the best and worst time. It has two shortcode for best estimate date as {min_date} and worst estimate as {max_date}

E.g: Estimated delivery between {min_date} – {max_date}

Position on single product page

You can set the position of the estimate on the single product page using this. At present it offers 2 different positions. After add to cart button and Before add to cart button

Before Add to cart button
After Add to cart button

Shop / Category page setting

This is exactly the same as “Single product page setting” the only difference is this applies to the estimate shown on the shop page or category page

This has got 3 different position for the estimate, After title, After Image, After price

After Title
After Image
After Price


This has setting to change text and background color, it has different setting for Single product, Shop/Category page and Cart page

Translation (only for PRO)

You can add translation to all the estimated message that is shown on the front

Our translation is based on WordPress core, so it will work with any translation plugin that you use like WPML , Polylang or any other

Our plugin detect WordPress language and searches in the translation to find if translation for that language is there, if translation is there it will be used, or else the message string that you have entered in the “Advanced Setting ” tab will be used for the message

Showing esimate date for dynamically added shipping methods

This feature was added in the version v4.7.2.9

How to show estimate date on custom position on product page

  • On product page you can use shortcode [estimate_delivery_date] to show the estimate message
  • Once you added the estimate message using the shortcode you need to disable the auto insertion of estiamte on the single product page from plugin Advance setting