PRO Buy one Get one Free – Other similar BOGO discount rule maker for WooCommerce


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  • You can offer other product as free product, or you can offer same product as free product, for each of the product
  • You can set different free product with each of the product
  • Create custom minimum buy quantity for each product, once this min buy quantity is achived it will add the given free quantity
  • Create custom free product quantity for each product
  • Show BOGO offer message on the single product page
  • You can customize the Bogo offer message shown for each of the product
  • You can set offer start date and time
  • Set offer end date and time
  • Show a different message of the product page when the offer is not yet started
  • Show different message when the offer is started
  • Set maximum quantity of free product that can be offered with parent product.
    E.g: Say 1 unit of Product A gives 1 unit of B and max quantity is 2 then when you add 3 unit of A the quantity of Free B will be kept at 2 only as Max quantity is 2 (without max quantity restriction it would have been 3)
  • Create category level rules

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