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  • Pro version allows you to set a custom message when the user has purchased a certain amount of product
  • It also allows you to show how much more he has to purchase to qualify for the free shipping
  • It gives you the option to translate the custom message in different languages in the multilingual site
  • Apart from this, it has all the features of the Free version
  • You can control where to show the free shipping notification bar, Like showing them only on the product pages or cart page or checkout page
  • Option to hide circular progress
  • Show linear progress within the top free notification bar
  • Change the image that is shown inside the circular progress
  • Disable notification bar for the mobile device
  • Set a custom breakpoint for the mobile device in pixels width of the device
  • Set free shipping icon in the message bar
  • Now you can change the position of the circular progress. There are 4 positions given in, Top left, Top right, Bottom left, Bottom right.
  • Option to show the free notification when the user has selected a shipping zone

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