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PRO Order delivery, Order pickup, Order date time, Pickup Location for WooCommerce


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Order Delivery / Pickup Date & Time is a WooCommerce plugin that gives the facility of selecting a delivery date and time at the order checkout page. You can create a list of the pickup location for customers and if any customer wants to take his/her order products from a selected pickup location they can select the pickup store during checkout. Store admin can change the delivery date and time if needed and can also notify the user via email. It’s fairly easy to set up the plugin that you don’t have to take any hassle.

Flexible time slot

Create a time slot with an interval or continuous range

Assign order limit on each time slot

Set different timing for different days of the week

You can disable the time option for delivery or for pickup

Delivery or Pickup order

Give your customer a clear option to choose between delivery or pickup type

If you don’t offer delivery or pickup you can easily disable it

Order limit

Create an order limit for each time slot

Create day based order limit

Create a different order limit for a specific date

Create a different order limit for the pickup/delivery type

Quantity limit

Set quantity limit on Days, Dates, & Time slots.

Create a quantity limit restriction for each time slot, the total quantity of products that can be purchased in that time slot. This even counts the quantity from the order already placed for that time slot.

E.g: say you set a quantity limit of 10 in the time slot 9 pm-10 pm

and now if customer A placed an order with 5 units of product A and 2 units of product B so total quantity was 7 units and he selected the date 27th and time slot 9 pm – 10 pm

so now if another customer comes in with a total quantity in his cart is 4 units then if he selects the date 27th then the time slot 9 pm-10 pm won’t be available for selection as this will breach the limit of that slot

but if he reduces his quantity to say 3 units then he will be given this time slot or if he selects some other date than the 27th then also he will be able to choose this time slot

Similar to this you can create a quantity limit for a day or specific date as well


You can set dates when you don’t want to do pickup or delivery, this dates won’t be available for selection on the checkout page

You can set different holiday dates for pickup and delivery

Disable the checkout form field

You can disable different checkout form fields based on the delivery type selected by the customer.

E.g. You can disable the Address field when the user is opting for Pickup

Disable Payment method

You can disable payment methods as per the user opting for the delivery or pickup option.

E.g. You can disable cash on delivery payment method when the user is opting for the Delivery option

WooCommerce app support

You can view the date, time, and pickup location recorded by our plugin inside the WooCommerce mobile apps Order note section.

Order preparation times

You can set different order preparation times for the pickup and delivery order types.

The plugin automatically blocks out the time slot as per this preparation time, so you can prepare the order on time.

Calendar language

Our date picker uses the WordPress default date picker calendar, so it gets auto-translated to the language of your website.

Order cutoff time

You can set a same-day order cutoff time, so once this time goes past the customer will not be able to select today’s date on the checkout page.

You can set a cutoff time for the next day as well, so once this time goes past the customer will not be able to select tomorrow’s date on the checkout page.

You can set a different cutoff time for Pickup and Delivery orders.

Auto select Date & Time

You can enable the option of auto-selection of the Date and time, once enabled it will auto-select the First/Last available date and time. Once the user has selected some other date and time and then left the checkout page and then comes back then user selection will take priority over the auto selection.

Reduce Plugin cost & complexity

We have added the most commonly used feature by any shop in this core plugin, as we are only having the needed feature in the core plugin we are able to keep the cost of the plugin low (as compared to our competitors) and reduce the complexity of the plugin as well, as you don’t have to deal with the feature that you won’t be using.

For rarely needed features we have made add-ons that you can purchase as per your requirement, this way you only pay for what you really need.

HPOS compatible

This plugin and all its addons are fully HPOS compatible


We have added the most commonly used feature by any shop in the core plugin itself, For rarely needed features we have made add-ons. In case you can’t find your requirement in the core plugin check out the below addon list, you may find your required feature in this addon list.

Preparation time master

This allows you to change various settings of the core plugin on the product level

  • Set different preparation times for each product
  • Make product only available for pickup or delivery or both
  • Set product as only available at specific pickup location only
  • Make the product available on a specific day or date

Different date times for Different pickup stores and Different delivery areas PRO

This allows you to change various settings of the core plugin on the product level

  • Offer different Times for different pickup stores
  • Set different working days for different pickup stores
  • Offer different Times for different delivery zones (e.g: based on delivery area postcode)

Pro Order Calendar for WooCommerce

  • It can show the delivery date on the calendar
  • Show pickup dates on the calendar
  • This can be helpful for you to see upcoming delivery and pickup dates
  • Show the calendar on the front end using the short code [order_calendar]
  • Your staff can log in to the front end of the site to see order detail
  • Assign order detail access as per the employee’s role
  • If an employee is in production show them the product detail of the order
  • If an employee is in delivery then only show him customer detail or even product detail

Delivery date, time preference selection popup 

  • This plugin allows you to get user delivery preference way before they reach the checkout page.
  • There are multiple ways to trigger the preference popup:
    1. Link-based trigger: create a link class name “pisol-date-time-popup” and that link will trigger the preference popup
    2. Auto-load the preference popup on every page until the user saves his preference
  • Buyers can change their selected preference again on the checkout page
  • Auto-fills the user-selected preferences on the checkout page
  • Option to customize all the text of the form in your language, from plugin setting + Loco translator
  • Customize the looks of the preference popup

Minimum Purchase Amount for Delivery/Pickup order Pro

  • Set the Minimum purchase amount to get the Delivery option
  • Minimum purchase amount to get the Pickup option
  • You can set a custom message to inform the user about the minimum purchase amount restriction
  • You can show a message when the user does not qualify for the delivery option, so the customer will know how he can get the delivery option
  • Likewise, if you want to set a minimum purchase about the restriction on your shop, you can do that as well by setting minimum purchase amount restriction on delivery and pickup orders both

Special Working date and special timing Pro

  • You can set special working dates that are outside your preorder day range
  • You can set special timing for this special date as well
  • You can use this plugin to change the time slot of some normal working dates as well

Delivery pickup reminder email Woocommerce PRO

This is an addon plugin for order delivery date and time plugin, it automatically sends a reminder email to your customer, admin, and staff regarding upcoming delivery or pickup for their order, you can configure in the plugin how much time before a reminder email should be sent.

E.g: if the user places a pickup order for 25th April 2020 at 3:00 PM and you have set the reminder time to be 30 min
then the customer will receive a reminder email on 25th April 2020 at 2:30 PM

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