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PRO Order delivery, Order pickup, Order date time, Pickup Location for WooCommerce


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This is a pro version of our plugin Order delivery, Order pickup, Order date, Order time for Woocommerce

Please deactivate or uninstall the FREE version of this plugin when you want to install the PRO version

Features of this plugin:

Delivery type
Delivery can be either normal delivery or it can be pick up from the local store of the e-commerce site.
If you don’t have pickup service then you can disable this option from the backend

Delivery date
This is your delivery date when the delivery or pickup can be done

Set different holiday dates for delivery and pickup (v 1.2.6)

  1. You can set dates when you don’t want to do pickup and delivery
  2. you can set different holiday dates for pickup and different for delivery
  3. The free version allows 4 pickup holiday dates and 4 delivery dates to be selected
  4. PRO version allows unlimited pickup and delivery holiday dates
  5. Pro version gives the option to disable Pickup time option

Delivery time
This is the time when delivery or pickup can be done

There is an option to disable Delivery Time and Date as well, so you can only have a delivery type or you can disable them both

Time format
Set time format between 12 hr to 24hr format and other time format option as well

Preorder days
You can set the delivery date to be number of days ahead in future, say if you set it to 10 then custom can set delivery date from next 10 days only not beyond that

In free version Preorder date cant be more than 10 days, but in Pro version, the preorder date can be more than 10 days

Time setting
You can set delivery and pickup start time and end time

you can set different start and end time for delivery and pickup method.

Show pickup or delivery time as a Range of time instead of the exact time

Day specific Time setting
You can even have different timing for pickup and delivery based on the day of the week.

So you can have a different delivery start and end time for Sunday and other days

Date setting 
You can select specific days of the week when you do delivery and pick up if you do delivery and pick up on all days then leave this option untouched
when you don’t select anything then it does delivery and picks up on all days

If you select some then it will only allow delivery and pick up on those particular days of the week

You have the option to set different days limit for delivery and pickup

Pickup Location
You can add multiple pickup locations, the user will be able to select the pickup location on the checkout page and all this selected pickup point will be shown to you in the Order detail page and user email will also have this detail

Set pickup store email id, so the store manager will receive the new order email as well

Order Detail
All the details like pickup date, type, time, pickup location. Is shown on the user order page, Admin order detail page, as well as in the user email

Change the location
You can change the location of the Data and time option on the checkout page
In the pro version, you can show pickup location option as a dropdown instead of a button, this is helpful when you have large number of pickup locations

It support WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
So Delivery Date, Time, Pickup Location will be added in the PDF invoice and packaging slip generated by WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

Hide checkout form fields
You can hide checkout form field as per the shipping type (delivery or pickup) selected by the customer


  • Set a Same day cutoff time: Once the time goes past the cutoff time, user will not be able to place a delivery/pickup order for same day (today’s delivery/today’s pickup)
  • Set a Next day cutoff time: Once the time goes past the cutoff time, user will not be able to place a delivery/pickup order for Next day (tomorrow delivery/tomorrow pickup)
  • You can specify a different cutoff time for delivery order and pickup order
  • you can specify a different cutoff time for same day order and next day order

Special working date

  • You can specify special working dates for pickup/delivery
  • This special date can be long away from your preorder days restriction: so you can start accepting order for Christmas even when christmas is months long away
  • force only special date order, when you force special date then user will only be able to select from this special date (your normal working days will not be available)

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