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PRO WooCommerce Product Enquiry Quotation, WooCommerce product catalog


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  • Support variable products
  • Show enquiry option only when the product is out of stock
  • Option to disable the enquiry button for a specific product
  • Change the position of the enquiry button on the product loop page and single product page
  • Remove add to cart button so you only receive enquiries
  • Add multiple email id to the admin email list
  • Send a copy of the enquiry email to the customer as well
  • Change the logo in the email template
  • Hide price from the product, enquiry cart, for great user or all the users
  • Change the processing/loading image
  • Make any enquiry form field as non required
  • Redirect to enquiry page, as soon as you click add to enquiry
  • It gives you option to hide the product image from the order email
  • Remove price column from the enquiry cart and enquiry email
  • Disable the field that you don’t want in the enquiry form
  • Change form field label from within the plugin setting
  • Change the sequence of the field in the enquiry form
  • Disable / Enable enquiry for a category of product
  • Open enquiry form in the popup
  • you can create URL to directly add product to the enquiry cart e.g: replace the product_id with the id of the product you want to add to enquiry
  • In the pro version, you can even add the enquiry button using the shortcode [pi_enquiry_button id="product_id"]
  • This plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce HPOS (High-Performance Order Storage)

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