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In today’s competitive market, customer engagement is paramount. This plugin empowers your customers to effortlessly inquire about multiple products, creating a user-friendly and streamlined inquiry cart. This revolutionary plugin goes beyond the basics, offering a seamless experience for both customers and administrators.

Inquiry cart functionality:

Allow customers to add multiple products to their inquiry cart, simplifying the process of inquiring about various items in one go.

Effortless form submission:

A user-friendly inquiry form ensures that customers can submit their inquiries with ease, providing essential details for a prompt response.

Backend inquiry management:

Keep track of inquiries effortlessly with a robust backend system. Admins can view and manage inquiries efficiently, enhancing overall store management.

Automatic notifications:

Stay informed in real-time! This plugin automatically notifies both the admin and the customer about the submitted inquiry, ensuring a swift response.

Customizable inquiry form:

Tailor the inquiry form to suit your business needs. Collect the information that matters most for a personalized customer experience.

WooCommerce variable product:

Seamlessly inquire about both simple and variable products. (Does not support custom field added by 3rd party plugin)

Dynamic enquiry visibility:

Display the inquiry option only when a product is out of stock, ensuring users can effortlessly express their interest in unavailable items.

Selective enquiry button control:

Choose to enable or disable the enquiry button for specific products, giving you full control over the inquiry feature.

Flexible button placement:

Easily change the position of the enquiry button on both the product loop page and the single product page to optimize user experience.

Remove Add to Cart button:

Remove the add to cart button, allowing you to exclusively receive product inquiries and streamline customer interactions.

Email customization:

Add multiple email addresses to the admin list, send a copy of the enquiry email to customers, and modify the logo in the email template for a personalized touch.

Category-specific enquiry control:

Enable or disable enquiries for specific product categories, providing a targeted approach to inquiry management.

Popup enquiry form:

Open the enquiry form in a popup, creating a user-friendly and unobtrusive interaction for customers.

Advanced product URL:

Generate URLs to directly add products to the enquiry cart, allowing for quick and convenient inquiry initiation.

Shortcode integration:

Use the [pi_enquiry_button] shortcode to effortlessly add the enquiry button to any product page, enhancing flexibility and customization.

WooCommerce HPOS compatibility:

Fully compatible with WooCommerce HPOS (High-Performance Order Storage), ensuring a seamless integration with advanced order storage systems.

Send data using WebHooks:

when the enquiry is submitted the data will be sent to the webhook url in json format. So you can send enquiry data to platform like Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Microsoft Power Automate, Workato,, or any other platform that support WebHooks to get data

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