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PRO Export WooCommerce customer list csv, WordPress users csv, Email customer list daily


Get updates for: 3 Year
Get updates for: 2 Year
Get updates for: 1 Year
  • In the PRO version you can modify the field labels and save it too, so when you will download the CSV it will have the modified fields that way you can directly use this csv in your external system
  • Download users based on registration date
  • Download users based on there Roles, so apart from the WooCommerce customer you can download any other users in your WordPress site as well
  • Download customers based on registration done between a certain date range
  • Get customer list in email attachment, on set frequency (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Twice daily)
  • Get the list of users registered in set interval in email (Hourly, Daily, Twice Daily, Weekly)
  • Change the delimiter used in the downloaded CSV file
  • Export Guest customer in separate CSV, Guest customer csv can be downloaded separately as they are not registered on our site, there record is stored in order and extracted from there, so there column’s are bit different from the one found in registered customer csv
  • Export guest customer based on the order status like Completed, Processing etc.
  • Download customer who purchased specific product
  • Download customer who purchased combination of specific product
  • This plugin can export custom data field stored in:
    • User meta data, stored in xx_usermeta table
    • Order meta data, stored in xx_postmeta table

    so do confirm with the plugin developer whose data you want to export how they have stored those data.

    For Registered Customer: Plugin first tries to search for the custom field in user meta data and if it is not found there then it searches order meta data to find the value
    For Guest customer: It directly searches order meta for the custom field data

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