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Disable payment method / payment fees for woocommerce


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You can create three types of payment method rules using this plugin

  1. Disable payment method rules: This allows you to disable payment method based on various conditions
  2. Payment method fee rules: This allow you to charge extra fees on use of certain payment method along with various conditions
  3. Partial payment rules: This allows you to take some Advance payment for Cash on delivery with additional conditions

Disable payment method rules

You can create multiple rules to disable different payment method.

E.g. You can disable payment methods based on the country or state.

You can even disable payment method based on the order subtotal

Multiple payment method fees rules

You can create multiple rules to apply extra fees as per the payment method selected by the customer

E.g. You can apply extra 1% if customer uses Stripe payment method, you can change this fees even based on the country of customer

Partial payment or Advance fee for Cash on delivery

Advance Fee for Cash on Delivery(COD) OR Partial payment for Order. You can allow your customer to pay x amount or x% of the order total as deposit or initial payment to place the order and then correct the remaining amount on delviery or user can pay the remaining amount online as well.

E.g. Suppose the customer order total is $1000 and you have configured plugin to take min $10 as advance payment then customer can place that order by making a $10 payment and remaining payment he can do when the product is delivered to him. this way you can avoid fake cash on delivery orders.

Partial payment Fees

Charge extra fees when customer opt for partial payment option.

E.g. You can charge extra fees of $1 when user select the option of Partial payment.

Partial payment Description

With description you can show to customer how much they will have to pay, remaining balance and extra fees once they select Partial Pay option.

Conditions that can be used while making above rules

Subtotal (Before discount)

Rule based on the cart subtotal. e.g. Charge fees when the order subtotal is less than $200

User role

Rule based on the user roles. e.g. charge fees only to the retail customers.


Rule apply to a specific registered customer. e.g. charge extra fees to Mr. ABC only


You can apply payment method rules based on the customer’s country. e.g. Apply fees when the shipping country of the customer is the U.S.A.


Based on the WooCommerce shipping zone of the customer. e.g. Disable payment method when the WooCommerce shipping zone assigned to the customer is “Local delivery zone”


Based on the customer’s shipping state. e.g. Apply payment fees, when the state selected by the customer is New York.


Apply rules as per the shipping postcode of the customer, you can use complex patterns for postcode range selection. e.g. apply payment method fees when the shipping postcode falls in the range 2000 – 2010

City or town

Apply rule when customers is from specific city. e.g. Apply fees when the user city is New york.

Cart has products

Rule is applied when the customer has this specific product in their cart. e.g. Disable payment method when the user has Product A or B in the cart.

The cart has a product of category

When the user cart has a product belonging to these specific category. e.g. Disable payment method when a product with the category Apple is in the user’s cart

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