PRO Minimum Maximum quantity & Minimum Order amount for WooCommerce


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  • Set Minimum/Maximum quantity on per product basis
  • Disable global Minimum / Maximum Quantity on particular product
  • Custom messages using shortcodes
  • Control minimum message notification bar position, timing
  • Change the image that is shown inside the circular progress for the minimum order amount
  • Show linear progress bar for the quanity of the product, till they reach there reach there minimum required quantity
  • Show minimum amount notification bar using shortcode
  • Update the product min max quanity requirement info on the Archive / Category / Shop page using Ajax
  • control the page where you want to show the minimum amount restriction notification bar
  • Show/Hide Min Max quantity message on product archive page, product page, cart page or checkout page
  • Set different position for Min Max quantity message on product archie page and single product page
  • Don’t go inside each product to set Min/Max quantity, instead set it from the category, so all product withing this category will inherit this min/max quantity limit
  • You can set minimum quantity restriction on the category level in the pro version, so customer has to buy 3 unit, this 3 unit can be from one single product or it can be 1 unit each from 3 different product of the same category

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