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Delivery date, time preference selection popup (Add on plugin)


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This is an add on a plugin for PRO Order delivery, Order pickup, Order date-time, Pickup Location for WooCommerce (Work with version 3.2.3 or above)

  • This plugin allows you to get user delivery preference way before they reach the checkout page.
  • The popup can open on any page in the website, but not on the Checkout page as checkout page already have the same selection options shown there in the checkout form.
  • There are multiple ways to trigger the preference popup like:
    1. Link based trigger: create a link class name “pisol-date-time-popup” and that link will trigger the preference popup
    2. Auto load the preference popup on every page untill user saves his preference
  • Buyer can change there selected preference again on the checkout page
  • Auto fills the user selected preferences on the checkout page
  • Option to customize all the text of the form in your language, from plugin setting + Loco translator
  • Customize the looks of the preferece popup

It support Dining addon from the version 1.0.9 onwards

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