Preparation time master PRO (Addon plugin)


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This is an addon plugin for Order date time pickup location pro

This plugin will allow you to do the following things:

  • Set different preparation time for shop for delivery order and pickup order
  • Set different preparation time for each of the product
  • Set availability dates for product
  • Calculate the total preparation time of the order as:
    • Parallel preparation: If user adds 2 items in the cart with a preparation time of 1 hr and 2 hr respectively, then the final preparation will be the largest one that is 2hr
    • Sum of preparation time: If user adds 2 items then final preparation time will be some of the preparation time of the 2 product plugin the shop level preparation time
    • Force product to only offer Pikcup or Delivery
    • Disable date, time, pikcup type option from the checkout page for a product so when this product is added singl in the cart all the date, time pickup type option will be hidden

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