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Preparation time master PRO (Addon plugin)


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This is an addon plugin for Order date time pickup location pro, Using this addon plugin you can overwrite various core plugin settings on the product level.

Product preparation time

You can set different product preparation times for each product from the product edit page. The order preparation time is then calculated based on the preparation time of the product in the order basket.

You can even set a different preparation time for the product that is used when that product is on Backorder

Preparation time Calculation

These are the 4 ways the preparation time of the order is calculated, you can select a different calculation method for delivery or pickup order type.

  • Largest preparation time (only Products)
  • Larges preparation time will be used (from products or shop)
  • Sum of all the preparation time will be used
  • Shop preparation time will be added to the largest preparation time of the product

Read more about the calculation method

Product availability date

You can set the exact date for the product that will be available to the user as a delivery or pickup date when this product is in the cart. So using this you can start taking advance orders for some special occasion products.

E.g. Using this you can start taking orders for product A for Christmas in October itself, way before your preorder days limit.

If the user adds a normal product and a special date product in the cart and there is no common date in those products then no date will be available for selection on the checkout page and the user will be given a warning they need to buy this product separately.

Product availability days

You can configure a product to be only available on some specific days of the week.

E.g. Your shop is open on all days of the week but you have product A that is only available on Weekends. So using this you can make that product only available on Weekends. So when the user will add product A to the cart he will only have weekend dates available in the calendar as pickup or delivery dates

Special product for Special date

You can create some special date at the shop level only product that has special date enable will be allowed to select these special dates.

E.g. You set 25th Dec as a special date in the month of October and you enabled product A and product B to be special products. So when user will have products A or B in their cart they can only select 25th Dec. If they have some other product along with this product then they will get a warning to order the special product and non-special product separately.

Product Non-availability date

You can set the exact date when the product will not be available.

E.g. So if your shop is allowing an order to be placed for 25th Dec, but you don’t want product A to be ordered for that date. Then you can disable product A for that date. So when the user cart will have product A then 25th Dec will not be available for selection.

Available at the Pickup location

You can make a product only available at a certain pickup point only, so when the user will have this product in the cart only those pickup locations will be available for selection.

E.g. Say you have two pickup locations A and B, and product X is only available for location B. So once the user adds product X to the cart and opts for pickup then he will only see location B for the pickup point.

Restrict Delivery Type

You have a certain product that you don’t deliver and you only want to allow Pickup for that product. Then you can use this option and restrict the product to be Pickup only product. So when the user will have this product in his cart he will only get the Pickup option at the checkout page, the delivery option will not be given to the customer.

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